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Woodin Mass Timber Office Prototype

Pushing the limits of wood construction, this Waterloo based office project will be a testing ground for new low-rise mass timber systems.


Waterloo, Ontario

Project Type

New Construction




30,000 sf

Proposed for a prominent site in Waterloo, ON, the core objective this three-storey multi-tenant office project is to deliver a prototype structure that meets modern commercial office standards while pushing the limits of wood construction. Featuring high ceilings, open floor plates, and expansive glazing, this mass timber office prototype aims to deliver the aesthetic qualities desired by Class A office tenants using innovative wood products and systems including glued-laminated beams and columns and long span cross-laminated timber floors to achieve optimal efficiency, flexibility, and beauty. This project received has received support and funding from Natural Resource Canada’s Green Construction through Wood Program and with our design and construction documents now ready, we are excited to start construction soon!

Partners: WOODin Inc. (Developer), Academy Construction (Construction Manager), Element 5 (Mass Timber Design Assist), Blackwell Structural Engineers (Structural Engineering), DEI & Associates (Mechanical/Electrical Engineering), MacKinnon & Associates (Landscape Architect), Meritech Engineering (Civil Engineer)